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Watch This Cute Little Girl Perform Nicki Minaj's 'All Things Go' [VIDEOS]

Nicki Minaj has millions of fans, young and old, but the cutest little member of the Barbz so far has to be Instagram user @Million.Dollar.Bby. The tyke’s account is full of videos featuring her singing the rapper’s songs like “All Things Go,” off The Pinkprint.

The Young Money rhymer shared a clip of the pint-sized singer, whose real name is Blake Dunham, performing the introspective ballad. According to her mother, Dunham just got her nails done at the salon with her aunt Tania and they got stuck in the snow. So what better way to pass the time during a snowstorm than to sing Minaj’s songs.

We love how Dunham expresses the song’s lyrics with hands as she points to the distance when Minaj sings, “’Cause I’ma ride out with you, still the night is young / And we keep going, we go (we go, we go) / We wake back up and do it all again.”

With her account just one month old, Dunham is a newbie to Instagram. The young lady has gained over 35,000 followers so far and the numbers keeps growing with every video she posts.

Most fans will probably recognize @Million.Dollar.Bby as the little girl in a Vine video that showcased her dancing to Bobby Shmurda’s “Hot N—-.” She throws her headband down on the floor and shimmies her hips with attitude to the song while totally upstaging the other children around her doing the Shmoney Dance.

Dunham may not be a worth a million dollars just yet, but her videos are priceless.

Watch her in action below.

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Da Brat Drops Remix to Fetty Wap's 'Trap Queen'

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Rick Diamond, Getty Images

Da Brat returns to the booth to deliver new verses on some of your favorite tracks.

Although Brat, the first female solo act to ever achieve platinum-selling status, was on a hiatus to serve jail time just a few years ago, that doesn’t mean she lost her speedy flow and bold punch lines. The rapper is the latest artist to drop a verse on The Boombox Hall of Famer Fetty Wap’s smash hit “Trap Queen.” Let’s just say she’s back with a vengeance.

“He that always have my back n—a / He know how to act when I don’t / He taught me everything that I know,” she rhymes, telling a story of how she’s the theoretical queen of the trap.

Besides offering up the “Trap Queen” remix, Brat and So So Def founder Jermaine Dupri have been in the lab cooking up a few new sounds for your listening pleasure. Brat jumped on Nicki Minaj’s and Beyonce’s “Feeling Myself” to offer a girl power remix.

Listen to Da Brat’s “Trap Queen” Remix

Listen to Da Brat’s “Feeling Myself” Remix

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Watch Fetty Wap Perform “Trap Queen”

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Travi$ Scott & Eric Bellinger Join Forces for Tommy Brown-Produced 'Trippin' On Me'

Tommy Brown Trippin on MeSoundcloud

Rapper Travi$ Scott and R&B crooner Eric Bellinger join forces on Tommy Brown’s new song “Trippin’ On Me.” Brown is a Grammy-nominated songwriter-producer who has crafted tracks for Chris Brown, T.I., Ariana Grande and others. Now the Pittsburgh, Penn., native is ready to venture out on his own.

On the song, Brown, Scott and Bellinger rap about jealous girlfriends who always check their smartphones and question their whereabouts.

“She always reaching for my phone, but we ain’t married / She said she loved me for me, but she loved the carets / She done met all of my n—-s, now I’m embarrassed / Took her all around the world including trips to Paris,” raps Brown.

Scott tries to calm his girl’s jealousy by reassuring that after buying her all kinds of expensive clothes, there’s no way he could be cheating on her.

Finally, Bellinger questions his girlfriend’s motives behind her inquisitive ways. “What did I do to lose all of your trust? / Girl, why are you so damn insecure? / Why would I do anything to jeopardize our love? / Girl, why you are so paranoid,” he sings.

In a FADER interview, Brown said he wanted to work with Scott and Bellinger because he respected their steady grind. “Being around them both early in their career and knowing they were both artists starting from ground zero…I thought it would be cool to bring those two together and work on an idea that would mess people up,” he said.

What do you think of Tommy Brown’s “Trippin’ On Me” featuring Travi$ Scott and Eric Bellinger? Tell us in the comments below.

Listen to Travis Scott & Eric Bellinger’s on ‘Trippin’ On Me’ (Produced by Tommy Brown)

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'Empire' Season 1, Episode 8 Recap: Jamal 'Comes Out' During Performance, Lucious Calls His Family a 'Disgrace'

It’s hard to believe Empire is a mere three weeks away from from the last show of its first season. Drugs, money, power and sex are just a few of the things that have earned the Lyon family a No. 1 primetime television spot on Fox.

This week’s episode went deeper than familial greed. The show kicks off with a powerful scene reflecting back on the day Cookie was sentenced to 17 years in prison. The root of the Lyon’s family dysfunction is coming to light. Co-creators Lee Daniels and Danny Strong didn’t leave the viewers guessing here. Andre, Hakeem and Jamal all have mommy and daddy issues, but the show’s writers focus on why the eldest and youngest Lyon brothers’ problems are more serious.

First, Hakeem was just a baby when Cookie went to jail. He’s been angry ever since his mom came home, but it’s not because she wasn’t around while he was growing up. It’s because he thinks she doesn’t love him. In his words, Cookie “only cares about Jamal.” As a response, Cookie quickly turns on her nurturing side and tells Hakeem it’s not that she doesn’t love him, but she doesn’t know him — and Hakeem hasn’t exactly given her a chance. So with the help of Lucious, the two agree to work on their bond. But in true Hakeem form, he finds a way to use his sob story to manipulate his mother’s guilt at the perfect opportunity.

Then there’s Andre. The intelligent, well-educated eldest brother whose goal is to find a way to be “accepted” in a majority white society. To do so, he became as talented — in the classroom — as he could. Unfortunately, his talent doesn’t fall in line with the rest of the family’s idea of what success means. And for that, he’s convinced his family hates him. So as Andre and his brothers fight for the right to the Empire name, Andre feels obligated to make sure he is the one to carry on his father’s dream because that’s the only way he can make sure he “stays” in the family. He’s tired of being the Lyon’s black sheep. By the end of the episode — as a way to cope — Andre finds himself playing Russian Roulette in his father’s studio.

We all know what Jamal has been facing this season. He enjoys the company of another man and his father can’t handle the thought. What finally brings them together is Jamal’s daughter, who popped up during episode six. Since then, Lucious has opted to give Jamal — and his music — a chance. But before Lucious gives his middle son the golden opportunity to shine, Cookie offers the idea of completing a Lucious Lyon legacy album with a family remake of his single, “You’re So Beautiful.” Side note: Cookie only makes this offer after she tells Lucious, “You want Cookie’s nookie, then ditch the bitch.”

As part of the legacy album rollout plan, the family is scheduled to perform the revamped version of “You’re So Beautiful” during Empire’s all-white party. Of course, a feud breaks out over who gets to sing the final verse on the track, which causes everyone to back out. During the party, Lucious pulls Jamal to the side and tells him, “Go impress me.”

In response, Jamal sings his version of the family song. Lucious loves the performance until his son uses his father’s classic hit to “come out” by singing, “This is the kind of love that makes a man love a man.” While the rest of the family, including Vernon, applaud Jamal’s bravery, Lucious can’t handle the disappointment. As a result, he tells Cookie the Lucious Lyon legacy album is dead. “This is not a family, this is a disgrace,” he says.

Stay tuned until next week to find out what brings this family together or moves them further apart.

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Kanye West Performs 'All Day' at 2015 BRIT Awards [VIDEO]

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Yeezy Season continues following Adidas clothing launch at New York Fashion Week, his Saturday Night Live performance and the launch of the Yeezy Boost sneakers with Adidas. Kanye West headed across the pond to hit the stage for a surprise performance of new music at London’s O2 Arena for the 2015 BRIT Awards on Wednesday (Feb. 25).

Kim Kardashian, who looked her usual hot self by wearing a black jumspuit, asked the crowd to get on their feet before she introduced her husband. West rocked a casual all-black look while mobbing the stage with his crew and English rapper Skepta. A flame thrower lit up the arena while the rapper performed the new song “All Day.” The hard-hitting single finds ‘Ye rapping with lyrical speed along with Theophilus London and Allan Kingdom on the hook.

“How long you n—-s ball / All day / How long you spent at the mall / All day / How many thots you got on call / How many can you recall / All day,” Kanye raps. Taylor Swift, who was in the audience, showed signs she was feeling the track by dancing in her seat.

This performance of “All Day” comes after weeks of leaked versions featuring Travi$ Scott. Kanye is definitely building up anticipation for his eighth album. He performed another new song, “Wolves” featuring Vic Mensa and Sia during the 40th Anniversary special of Saturday Night Live on Feb. 16.

Although Yeezy hasn’t mentioned an album release date, the project is likely coming soon as he continues to deliver new tracks.

Listen to Kanye West’s “All Day”

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Did Bobby Shmurda Scheme His Way Into Protective Custody?

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By Preezy February 26, 2015 3:13 PM

Bobby Shmurda may be in jail but he was allowed phone privileges Thursday (Feb. 26) when he called Hot 97 to speak with Ebro in the Morning with Laura Stylez and Rosenberg to set the record straight on his current legal situation.

The Brooklyn native sounded jovial and in good spirits despite sitting in jail since December, addressing Ebro as “Big E” and giving his patented “ah ah ah” ad lib.

Ebro made sure to state that Hot 97 went through the proper channels to make sure that the phone call would not get Shmurda into any other trouble before the conversation began. “That’s why they have me around ’cause when you have a Jew here he knows all the different rules to make sure you don’t get in trouble,” Rosenberg joked. Shmurda acknowledged that he knows the authorities are watching his every move while he is currently in the Manhattan Detention Center — known as “The Tombs” to many New Yorkers.

Shmurda also confirmed he is currently in protective custody following an altercation involving himself, fellow GS9 rapper Rowdy Rebel and another inmate. “At first me and Rowdy we had stuck it up… we was in intake before they take you up. They had us sleeping in there for like two days and I was like, ‘Nah, nah, my back starting to hurt. We going upstairs,” Shmurda stated.

Could the rapper have been involved in the fight to intentionally circumvent the intake process? Rowdy was sent to solitary confinement, aka “the box,” for his involvement in a fight. “Me and him had a little altercation with somebody, you know how that go,” he disclosed.

There’s a bit of significance in that tidbit of information. Prisoners in jail often cause trouble on purpose with the intent of getting better housing or expediting a process. When the “Hot N—-” rhymer refers to Rowdy and himself wanting to “go upstairs” and escape the confines of the intake cell, one thing likely led to another and the altercation may have been their ticket to the protective custody unit’s more comfy confines. The only thing is that their plan may have backfired, leading Rowdy to end up in “the box” rather than the protective custody area.

During the call, he refutes all of the allegations made against him — from drug charges to conspiracy and gang-related activity — saying that the police have been out to get him. “What they hearing about that night, s— is not true, son. The cops have been out for me for forever, man. They been trying to slay me for forever but they never catch me with nothing.” Shmurda reveals. “Four or five cops that night had just grabbed me up they told me that, ‘Yo, I don’t want my kids listening to your music.’” Then the call abruptly ends, which is standard practice in correctional facilities. Despite the short call, at least we know Shmurda is in good spirits and plans to face the adversity with a fight.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any new developments in Bobby Shmurda’s case.

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Big Sean Talks 'Dark Sky Paradise' Album, Marrying Ariana Grande & Being the Most Underrated Rapper With Larry King [VIDEO]

Big Sean is enjoying what has been a solid start to 2015, making noise with his star-studded single, “Blessings,” which features fellow men of the moment Drake and Kanye West. After experiencing the sophomore jinx with his 2013 effort, Hall of Fame, things have been looking up for the G.O.O.D. Music artist as of late.

Fresh off the release of his third major label LP, Dark Sky Paradise, he looks to be coming into his own as one of this generation’s most promising rap stars. The Detroit native visited the legendary Larry King to chop it about his new album, how success has changed him, his thoughts on Kanye West’s outrageous actions and his hit “IDFWU.”

Larry also puts Sean in the hot seat by asking him if there’s a wedding in the future for him and Ariana Grande. Plus he gets a few details on their upcoming collaborative song, “Research.” The Detroit MC also makes a bold proclamation that he’s the most underrated rapper in the game among other things in this insightful interview.

Watch Big Sean’s captivating sit-down with Larry King above.

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