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Bobby Shmurda Pleads Not Guilty to Conspiracy Charges, NYPD Gives Details on GS9 Crew Bust

Bobby ShmurdaBrad Barket, Getty Images

New York prosecutors laid out their case against Bobby Shmurda and his GS9 crew at a press conference on Thursday (Dec. 18). Authorities arrested 13 members of the G-Stone ’90s East Flatbush, Brooklyn gang on Wednesday (Dec. 17) in New York as part of an ongoing gang and drug sting operation.

At his arraignment, Shmurda, whose real name is Ackquille Pollard, pleaded not guilty to gun and drug trafficking charges. Police seized 20 guns during their arrest at Quad Studios in New York.

Prosecutors alleged that Shmurda and his crew are responsible for 24 shootings in Brooklyn. The 100-count indictment includes gang activity, multiple shootings and drug trafficking. According to Eyewitness News Channel 7 reporter Darla Miles, Shmurda was indicted for conspiracy to commit 2nd degree murder, conspiracy to commit 2nd degree assault, as well as other weapons and narcotics related charges.

Prosecutors even claim that rapper Rowdy Rebel, born Chad Marshal, was allegedly involved in a shooting and then afterwards performed at the Barclays Center in the same clothes, which was revealed by NY1 News criminal justice reporter Dean Meminger via Twitter.

Shmurda’s attorney, Howard Greenberg, says the police are going after his client because the government hates rap music.

“It’s a bunch of bulls—,” he told DNAInfo New York. “The government hates rap and by extension hates rappers. If his name was Joe Blow, they’d have given him a desk-appearance ticket or cut him loose from the precinct.”

“The police recruit guiltless, loveless informants who are jealous, and they point the finger at people who are making their way,” he continued. “My guy has the world in the palm of his hands. He needs to commit crimes like I need to fly the space shuttle.”

Sha Money XL, the EVP of Urban A&R for Epic Records, issued a statement about Shmurda’s unfortunate arrest and legal predicament. He was at Quad Recordings studio at the time of his arrest.

“I signed these kids to give them a better way in life not to be dragged down by the media and gunned down by the 40 cops that raided the studio and pointed guns at me for working my job,” he said. “You have no idea how this makes me feel or look when I’m one of the only few black men signing black artist from the streets and giving them a chance to do better in life.”

Prosecutors set a $2 million bail for Shmurda, who faces 25 years to life in prison if convicted. Greenberg says that Epic Records will post the $2 million bond.

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Snoop Dogg's 10 Craziest Outfits

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Snoop Dogg has been in the rap game for over two decades and in that time, he’s put out chart-topping hits, sold millions of albums around the globe and showcased his flair for fashion. Cowboy hats and pimp cups are normal additions to the rapper’s overall look.

Since getting his start in the early ’90s, Snoop has had to evolve not only in his sound but also in his style choices. With that comes many interesting wardrobe selections, which cause fans to say, “What was he thinking?” at times.

From cowboy hats to an array of furry coats, the West Coast MC wears ‘fits that many of his fellow rhymers wouldn’t be caught dead in. So The Boombox picked out 10 of the most eyebrow-raising looks. Prepare yourself to see the style stumbles in Snoop Dogg’s 10 Craziest Outfits.

Big Gipp Debuts 'Damn That Booty Big' Video

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By Preezy December 18, 2014 9:30 AM

Southern rap vet and Goodie Mob member Big Gipp comes through with a new asset-heavy visual for ‘Damn That Booty Big.’ Directed by Steven C. Pitts, the video is shot in black and white and as the title would suggest, derrieres are the point of focus. The clip plays as a music video inside of a movie, with a group of women using his televised musical performance as a motivational workout tune.

Meanwhile, inside the TV, Gipp is seen singing lead with an all-female band backing him up, as well as scenes of him flanked by a bevy of attractive females on a couch. The southern rhymer also proves he still has enough swag in the tank by pulling off a shirtless, fur coat look in all his splendor — check out some of his other flamboyant outfits.

The track itself is produced by Caviar and is aimed directly at the strip club and party crowd. Gipp shows love to the ladies with voluptuous figures, rapping, “First of all, I don’t go out much / Say the donk so big I can sit my cup / ‘Scuse me miss lady, gotta a big palm crush / Make it hard in the middle, I can touch it.”

‘Damn That Booty Big’ is the latest visual off of Big Gipp’s latest mixtape, ‘Mr. Get Down,’ which you can listen to below.

Listen to Big Gipp’s ‘Mr. Get Down’ Mixtape

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Iggy Azalea Lawsuit Reveals Claims of Emotional Abuse From Ex-Boyfriend

Iggy AzaleaLarry French, Getty Images

Three months ago, Iggy Azalea‘s ex-boyfriend, Hefe Wine (a.k.a. Maurice Williams), threatened to release a sex tape of himself and the Aussie rapper. Now, details of their sordid relationship are revealed in a lawsuit Azalea filed against him.

According to Radar Online, ‘The New Classic’ creator filed court documents to prevent the tape and music he allegedly stole from being released. She says not only did Williams steal the tunes from an old hard drive she had, he was also emotionally abusive.

In the documents, Azalea said she met the self-proclaimed music industry insider in Texas, after she moved there from Australia trying to get her rap career off the ground. She moved in with Williams, who started to mistreat her in 2007 and 2008, when Iggy was 17 and 18 years old, respectively.

“I was running out of money and thought I would have to return home to Australia,” said the ‘Fancy’ rapper in the court documents.

“Williams convinced me to stay by promising to furnish a vacant property he owned for me to live in… Almost immediately after I moved my things into his apartment Williams became aggressive and possessive and made unwelcome sexual advances. He isolated me and told me to stop communicating with my musical collaborators. He intercepted contact information from my new acquaintances, never left me alone with other people, and followed me everywhere.”

In addition, Azalea said the old music that Williams is trying to release was never intended to be shared with the public.

“I want the public to know that my work is authentic and as I intended it to be,” she explained. “I do not want the public to be confused by [the] defendant’s efforts to pass off the inferior pastiches of a scoundrel as my work.”

You can read more of Iggy Azalea’s claims over at Radar Online.

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Lil' Kim Owes IRS $126,700 in Back Taxes

Lil KimParas Griffin, Getty Images

Lil’ Kim is going through a financial struggle right now. The veteran rapper has been hit with a hefty tax lien by the Internal Revenue Service.

According to Life & Style, Kim owes $126,725.12 in back taxes. The IRS claims the 39-year-old rhymer failed to pay taxes in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, and now they want their money.

Not only does Uncle Sam want his dough, a law firm is also accusing the ‘Black Friday’ creator of not paying up. Four months ago, Dewey & LeBoeuf sued Kim for $186,217.93 for five years of legal service. A judge ruled in favor of the law firm and ordered the rapper to pay the fees plus interest.

Kim is not the only artist who tried to skip out on paying their taxes. Both Lauryn Hill and Fat Joe had to go to prison for not paying their taxes on time. Even Kim’s friends, R&B singers Faith Evans and Mary J. Blige, are going through some tax problems.

We hope Kim can resolve this legal matter. The last thing we want to see is her in an orange jumpsuit in prison — again. Especially, since she’s a new mom to baby Royal Reign, who was born in June.

Kim’s attorneys had no comment on the matter.

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Amber Rose & Blac Chyna Twerk It Out on Instagram [VIDEO]

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Wiz Khalifa’s ex-wife, Amber Rose, and Tyga’s former flame, Blac Chyna, just gave men around the world an early Christmas present that you don’t have to unwrap. However, you may need to take a cold shower afterwards since both hip-hop hotties are featured in a new Instagram video that shows them twerking — and it’s nothing short of fantastic.

As they go to work shaking what their mama gave them, Amber sports a long peach dress and head wrap while Chyna rocks black with a colorful head scarf.

“This is how me and @blacchyna keep our asses firm and tight. #DatAssOnFleekDoe, #SitInUrCubicleandHate, #eaturheartout,” Amber writes in a caption.

But wait there. Just when you thought you were blessed with just one eye-popping video of the pair flaunting their famous assets, Amber shares another — this time showcasing herself and Chyna twerking in slow motion.

“Slo-mo fo dat ass,” writes Amber, who thankfully for us, seems to be in a very giving mood these days.

Check out action above and below and try not to walk around in a stupefied state for the rest of the day.

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OG Maco Delivers a Dose of Social Commentary With 'Breathe' EP

New Atlanta favorite OG Maco decided to take a break from his hectic schedule of touring to drop a new batch of songs in the form of his ‘Breathe’ EP.

Consisting of three brand new tracks, the surprise project includes production from Chuck Inglish, Proto Cal and LC on the Traxx and sees Maco going for dolo with no guest appearances.

On the opening track, ‘Get Down,’ Maco questions the shortcomings of America, rapping, “I have a few pressing questions about our human regression, recession, standardized testing, low wages and homeless veterans,” and tops it off with a melodic hook, making for a welcoming intro.

‘Do Better’ finds Maco continuing to target social issues, speaking on Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice and calling for the youth to “do better” for themselves, dropping a slew of jewels in the process. The quick-strike EP closes out with the ramped-up ‘Riot,’ on which the ATL upstart gets back in tune with his more aggressive nature, spitting, “We kill ‘em for fun / I’m guilty your honor, hands filthy from commas / I’m Coogi, I’m Duluth, new money, new drama, new 30's, new llamas,” with complete fervor.

The ‘Breathe’ EP serves as a brief hold-over until the next proper full-length from Maco emerges. Check out the stream below.

Listen to OG Maco’s ‘Breathe’ EP

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